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Also, this person must undergo an internship and ed pills. Only after that is he allowed to conduct his own healing activities. Who is a gynecologist? This is a doctor who regulates and monitors women's health.

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It is worth noting that men do not have to visit this doctor. Representatives of the weaker sex throughout their lives periodically fall for this reception. It should be noted that the gynecologist is contacted not only if there are any complaints. This is a unique profession. Many healthy women regularly go to this specialist for confirmation of their normal condition.

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Gynecologist - who is he? You already know that this is ed pills in women's health. However, gynecologists are different. Perhaps for some it will be a revelation. Obstetrician-gynecologist.

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This specialist leads the pregnancy and delivers. Gynecologist-reproductologist. This department of medicine appeared relatively recently. These doctors are engaged in procreation of a married couple using the latest technology and in vitro fertilization.

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This specialist deals with the hormonal background of a woman. Also, the doctor is well versed in the patient's thyroid gland. Children's gynecologist. This specialist is ed pills available in almost every hospital, unlike those described above.

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